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Here is one of my favorite type of chips from the health food store.  I just love the Baked Sour Cream & Onion Potato Chips from Whole Foods.  They’re great with a sandwich or by themselves.

Now the Sweeet Potato Tortilla Chips were good, too.  But do you see where the word Simply Sweeet Potato is located on the front of the bag?  Well, that’s right about where the chips started when I opened the bag.  What in the world is THAT about?  Is that much bag really necessary?

Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips

Now, I only happened to buy these sweet potato chips because Whole Foods had their free sample snack stands out at the end of every aisle on this particular day.  And since it looked like I was practically the first person to dip into the sample tray, I decided to try one out (but I took the tongs and reached towards the very back of the tray anyway).

Even if I look like I’m the first to sample from the tray, something inside me still doesn’t trust it and I reach for the ones in the very back, regardless.  This is how I am with every sample tray of anything I want to try.  But if the sample tray doesn’t look appealing and looks like thousands of people have already been there—you can believe I’ll take a pass on it until someone wants to fill it up again with fresh ones.

But this is how I end up buying things I really don’t need in the first place.  If it tastes good to me, then I look for the product to buy on the shelf—which is usually right there in your face next to the sample.  So I usually try to do my grocery shopping on a full stomach—otherwise if I’m in starvation mode, all the sample trays seem to taste SO good which—in actuality—they probably all don’t taste good enough for me to buy if I’m meandering on a half-way full stomach.  The problem is that everything tastes fabulous when you’re “starvin’ like Marvin.”

So, if you have nothing else to do today, try the sample trays of food in your local grocery store—but do it on a full stomach so you’re not tempted to buy everything you sample taste.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  If you could actually see how many chips are in a bag before you buy them, you would probably never be able to justify the cost to buy them in the first place.

Lovin’ A Pimped-Out Sandwich

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