A Jacket Of All Trades

Street Style - Men

(At a fashion show)

This guy was totally prepared to be a fashion show spectator.  The funkiness of the jacket is what caught my eye.  He actually made this jacket himself.  So it’s no surprise that he got accepted into Central Saint Martins in London this coming fall!  Some of the most famous designers hail from CSM.  Kudos to him!

So, if you have nothing else to do today, make your own clothes, wear a bow tie, or give some brightly colored pants a whirl around the block.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  People take notice when you jazz up your look a bit.

19 thoughts on “A Jacket Of All Trades

  1. Sorry, dear. If I wore that in my neighborhood, mothers would be herding their children to the opposite side of the street while at the same time hissing, “Don’t stare! Don’t stare!”

  2. Hi there – you just stopped by my blog 🙂 Thank you!! I popped over to check yours out and I love it!! Mostly, how happy you are. I LOVE happy people. Keep smiling – you’re gorgeous. Have a great day. Love, L.

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