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Street Style - Women

Administrative Assistant & Designer
(At a fashion show)

These ladies stood out from afar.  The first thing I noticed was their twin hairdos.  You could tell they had fun with their wardrobes before leaving the house.  Between the bold prints, the accessories, and the hair—it was definitely a girls’ day out.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, play with prints and accessories until you find something that works for you.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Trying the twin hair thing with your friends every once in a while should be fun times.

26 thoughts on “Lively Prints & Accessories

  1. WoW,,,,Women after my own heart. Wish I could show you my orange/purple/.green/blue ensemble I’m wearing for Spring today. My choker is made of the same colors in glass with a REAL orchid, that has been covered in layers of resin, as the focal point. THANX again for a FUN piece. dru

    1. Lol! Hilarious. Be sure to take a picture. I would do the twin hair thing with you, Steven, but I’m not so sure how we’d work that one out. 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t say for sure, but I think that if I would have panned my imaginary camera out into the audience of my fashion show, I would pictured them being there.

  3. The shoes and leggings look, very cute! The prints are a little too loud for me. Makes me a bit dizzy to be honest but I love seeing two people being friends and having fun.

    1. Yeah, like I say, some of these styles I see out on the street are not for everyone or even for me sometimes. But I like seeing what others come up with for themselves that’s different from the usual you see.

      1. I love the green handbag – GREAT splash of color!! I think that they look FAB. Definitely not cookie cutter – but who wants to be that?

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