My Rule Of Thumb

Breakfast at the diner

Pancake, French Toast with thick sourdough bread topped with powdered sugar, and a Waffle topped with powdered sugar; served with loads of butter and maple syrup.

You all know my rule of thumb:  When you can’t decide between one or more things, just get one of each and save yourself the headache and stress of deciding.  Why put yourself through all the torture for crying out loud?!

Here was such an occasion.  I decided to go eat breakfast at that newly discovered diner I found.  (Not to be confused with the regular diner I go to for 6″ x 5″ x 2″ cinnamon rolls and whatnot.)

I knew all morning I wanted something that required syrup—a pancake, a waffle, or French toast.  And at this new diner I discovered, all three are phenomenal.  So it was tough choosing.

After all, I had given this a lot of thought on the home front from the moment I woke up and up until I left the house.  It also consumed my thoughts on the 20-minute drive out to the diner, and during the 10 minutes or so that I told the server to give me after I was handed the menu once I arrived.  Geez!

It was IMPOSSIBLE to decide!  In my head, they all seemed so great that I knew I could devour any one of them at a moment’s notice.  As I was sitting at the table, it hit me all of a sudden—my rule of thumb!  If there ever was a time to apply my rule, this was it.  I mean, I had already marinated on it a little too long as it was, ya think?

Man!  Once I realized my rule of thumb was available to use—the stress of thinking about it all and making a decision about what to order just seamlessly floated away.  ‘Just give me one of each.’  Now I can consume my thoughts with something else or leave it entirely blank.  Ahhh, the good life.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, see if you can apply my rule of thumb to any given situation you find yourself in.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  No need to rack your brain with hard decisions.  The rule of thumb is there for a reason.

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21 thoughts on “My Rule Of Thumb

  1. I tend to follow your rule of thumb. But it can get me in trouble, like when I bring home a dozen donuts for breakfast for just two people ;-o

  2. so were they all delish? Did you fall asleep on the way home from all those carbs? 😉 I’d need a bit of bacon to balance it all out. But you have inspired me to whip up a better breakfast tomorrow than I’d planned!

    1. Well you’re definitely missing out on big skillet-sized pancakes. I love making them this size at home, too. You should try making a huge pancake one day. You’ll love it.

  3. Looks freaking delicious!! It’s not really fair, as lunch time here and all I have in the cupboard is a tin of baked beans 🙁

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