Preparing For The Storm


This bloke made me chuckle on my insides at my local grocery store.  Clearly his priorities are in order.

So yesterday evening I was out and about getting some last-minute grocery shopping done that I hadn’t been able to do the last few days.  I just wanted to grab a few things to make a recipe or two I came across.

Since we were predicted to have 236 feet of snow the next day (today), I had no choice but to make sure my shopping antics were done by yesterday evening.  I went to Whole Foods, Wal-Mart, and a local grocery store.

WHAT is the world coming to?!!  I couldn’t believe how empty all the shelves were when I got to Wal-Mart.  I really couldn’t figure out why they were out of so many items all over the place.  The bread shelves were pretty much cleared.  Since when is there NO bread?  At first I thought this particular Wal-Mart was going out of business or something.

Then it dawned on me—THE SNOWSTORM COMING IN.  Why is it that people like me that come to get a few things for the next couple days have to compete with people who are stockpiling for the end-of-the-world?!!  Why can’t folks just shop normally?!  THIS ISN’T THE FIRST TIME WE’VE GONE THROUGH THIS, PEOPLE!!  And can you bring me one of your 30 loaves of bread from your basket, please??!!!!!!!

Anyway, I hurry along and get out of the madness of Wal-Mart and went to the local grocery store down the way.  All around me were people with huge baskets full of food piled to the brim that they were carting around while shopping.

I mean, this is all I saw at all three stores.  Just people everywhere getting their last-minute shopping done and carts loaded.

Then I finally get into the checkout line at the local grocers and encountered the usual that I saw at both Wal-Mart and Whole Foods—lines of people, everyone stockpiling all kinds of food on the conveyor belts, and just waiting their turn in line.

While waiting my turn, I realize the guy in front me is so unlike everyone else.  It’s just a scenario I wasn’t expecting after the long day I’ve had shopping and seeing the same things all around me all night store-after-store.

He has no basket and puts a divider on the conveyor belt to separate his food from mine and I start putting my food on the belt when I notice:

With all the madness of the snowstorm coming in overnight and the hoarding of food everywhere—this man just wanted to make sure he had his one can of beer to get him through!

So, if you have nothing else to do today, prepare for your snowstorms or acts of nature accordingly and save some food for the less fortunate souls who can’t always shop early in the day.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Clearly a can of beer is the only thing you need to tide you over through a snowstorm.  So let’s not PANIC next time, shall we!

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36 thoughts on “Preparing For The Storm

  1. Lololol! Awesome post 🙂 Listen, if all else fails, he has no baggage to worry about and he has his beer, this guy lives a simple life, love it. In all seriousness though, I know what you talking about on over flowing trolleys, its too much food people! Great post!

    1. Comical indeed. And it’s interesting to see what jobs care and don’t care about their employees coming in and practically risking their lives trying to get there.

  2. It was like Christmas at our grocery store yesterday in anticipation of the storm! Of COURSE, I was there too! Funny. But boy, ONE beer. And no bread for him? That’s a sorry storm hoard!

  3. Hey, Girl! DH calls you “Iced Tea Lady” for obvious reasons, and we were surprised to see you putting a “like” up on Jimbo’s Journey today. Is that someone you know? The Lazy Daze “clan” is pretty close knit. Are you a fan? Or, gasp, do you have a Lazy Daze?

    1. Oh, no I don’t know him. Is that someone you know? I just happened across the blog by happenstance. Was just touring it and thought it was pretty neat.

      1. I don’t know him personally, but all Lazy Daze people “know” each other! The motorhome in the banner at my site is like his in floorplan, but a different year. My first Lazy Daze was the same color as his, but a different floorplan. Are you interested in RV’s?

        1. Not really interested for me but I think it’s neat how people can just travel around in a home and go wherever they want to. Funny that DH calls me the Iced Tea Lady. Tell him he can put ANY food in front of “lady” and that’d pretty much be me. Lol! 🙂

  4. Very funny! Next time, do keep some canned tuna, canned veggies, crackers, bottled water and a bottle of wine in your pantry (and don’t eat them when it is not an emergency!) so that you don’t need to scramble with a million other people for that last loaf of bread. Keep warm and be safe now!

  5. That was funny! I was just talking about storms and how people prepare here….I came from Cali so no bad weather-anything-ever, however since moving to the south, whenever there is a threat of a storm of any kind; hording is sure to be going on!

  6. Ah, ha,ha,ha! The man with the one beer is hilarious. I can so relate to this. I live in south Florida and we don’t have snow storms, but we do have hurricanes. What happened to you has actually happened a couple of times to me. The minute the weatherman mentions that there’s a possibility, that maybe, perhaps, there could be a hurricane headed in our direction people go mad! I’ve gone to the supermarket after work to find nothing. No batteries, no water, no can goods, no candles…it’s ridiculous. Oh well. What can you do?

  7. Of course with no snow and little extreme ‘so you can’t go outside’ weather here, we don’t often come across this behaviour. It always amazes me though that although the shops are open every day here, if we have a public holiday coming (when they will be closed for 1 day) people go a bit mad and buy them out of bread and milk and other staples like the apocalypse is coming. It is very frustrating to get there at 5pm for a few staples and find no bread or milk on the shelves. I hesitate to suggest rationing but, really? be a little more considerate or a little less nuts eh?

      1. Tonight in NY the snow is starting and looks to bless us with over a foot. (not quite 236 feet lol). It amazes me as well that grocery stores get slammed when they predict snow…….why? You mean no one can make it ONE day until the snow stops and the roads are cleared? People are cattle and are led by their local weathermen. i bet your house will be smelling great the next few days with all the goodies you will be concocting up. Stay warm

        1. I know, Glenn, it’s a bit maddening. It lasts what? A day or two? And then everyone’s right back on the roads again driving around doing business as usual. Which means they can easily go to the store again a few days later. Why hoard everything like you won’t be able to leave the house for days and weeks when that never happens?! The city usually gets right on with the clearing of the roads.

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