Spaghetti With Pancetta & Chickpeas

Spaghetti With Pancetta & Chickpeas

Made with spaghetti, turkey bacon, extra-virgin olive oil, garlic cloves, chickpeas, fresh parsley, pepper, and Parmesan cheese.

Yes, it’s yet another pasta dish.  What can I say?  I adore pasta and a lovely dish this was.  But instead of putting pancetta in it like the recipe called for, I put turkey bacon into mine.

Sometimes when a recipe calls for either pancetta and prosciutto, I’ll substitute.  The first time in my life that I ever shopped for pancetta and prosciutto at my health food store specifically for recipes I wanted to make, I didn’t realize these items cost close to $5278.99 per pound!!!

So once I realized I could easily use bacon instead of pancetta and ham instead of prosciutto—I went this route with substitutions in recipes.  NOT every time, mind you—but for the most part.  Once every triple blue moon, I will splurge on these fancy meats when I’m feeling a bit gutsy and adventurous.

Recipe for—Spaghetti with Pancetta & Chickpeas

So, if you have nothing else to do today, I dare you to take out a bank loan for half a pound of pancetta and a quarter pound of prosciutto.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Bacon can be a great substitute for pancetta and ham can be a great substitute for prosciutto if you’d rather not take out a home equity loan for these items.

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49 thoughts on “Spaghetti With Pancetta & Chickpeas

  1. I’m in the mood for Pasta & Corns lately.
    I also put “unusual ingredients” in the sauce such as preserved plum, pineapple puree and fermented black soybeans. 😀

    1. Those are definitely unusual ingredients that I’ve never tried in a pasta sauce. I’m sure you throw it together well.

  2. Ok, THIS looks heavenly! And you can never go wrong with any sort of bacon! These ingredients are going on my grocery list pronto

  3. Looks yummy. I wonder what part of the turkey they slice the bacon from? Did you know that the Beggon doggie bacon strips actually cost more per pound than actual bacon?

    1. Really?! I had no clue. I wonder, myself, how turkey bacon is made. But it’s darn good and flavorful—or at least the kind I buy is.

  4. I won’t say anything about the turkey (NOT) bacon! LOL But the recipe sounds easy and hard to mess up. Best for a guy trying to burn his kitchen down! I see they use reserved water. When a recipe calls for it, I boil the pasta in measurably less water (which I like as salty as ocean water); something about the “stuff” that comes from boiling the pasta helps bind the sauce and keep it from solidifying.

      1. … Well, I didn’t say anything about the turkey (NOT) bacon… Did I? LOL. But the water thing is part of kitchen science, I hear. It does work – especially with dishes like Fettucini Alfredo or Spaghetti al Limone…

      1. I don’t think Pancetta is as superior to ordinary bacon as the price tag would indicate but I do like prosciutto. Looks like a nice dish!

        1. I don’t think so either and bacon suits me just fine. Prosciutto is good as well I just need to find a cheaper place to get it sometimes.

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