Sangria & Spanish Tapas

Spanish omelet

Spanish Omelet made with potato and onion with red pepper aioli.

Another happy hour out with another girlfriend.  I just can’t get enough of those girls’ nights.  We decided to meet up at a Spanish tapas restaurant.  And who doesn’t love happy hour?!  Happy hour equates to “discount” and my eyes invariably light up.

Tapas are basically Spanish appetizers—and since you don’t have a full course meal in front of your face, the focus is meant to be more on the conversation among friends while snacking on these delights.

And happy hour is the best time to go!  Half-price sangrias, half-price tapas—let’s just get one of everything, shall we?

We ordered a Tortilla Espanola which was a Spanish omelet made of potato and onion and had a red pepper aioli on top of it—so good.

We also had Queso de Cabra Al Horno which was goat cheese that was baked in a tomato fresco and served with crunchy crostinis.

Then we tried the Albondigas Caseras which were meatballs in a yummy spicy garlic cream sauce.

And, of course, if Sangrias are half-price—why order a glass when you can order a whole pitcher full at that price?!

So, if you have nothing else to do today, try a Spanish tapas restaurant with friends and family.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  The small portions of tapas allow you to try pretty much one of everything—which is always fun to do.

26 thoughts on “Sangria & Spanish Tapas

  1. What a lovely meal Loving. As I live in Spain tapas are everywhere. I’d love to visit a donut store ….. none here 😥 <3

  2. I saw a sandwich sign in front of a restaurant in a Spanish part of Tucson one day that said “Albondigas”. I interpreted it in my mind to the Spanish word for “attorney”, which is similar. Ever since, we call this dish “Fried Lawyer”! ;-> Doesn’t take much to amuse the ol’ folks! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


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