Two Games In One

Sports Bar

Today was a beautifully sunny day and the weather was perfection.  So I decided to go out gallivanting to watch a game or two and have myself a nice lunch late this morning.

Low and behold, I found the perfect spot at this sports bar right directly at the bar itself (rather than a table)—front and center of two televisions just for me.  A soccer game on one and a little bit of a Wimbledon tennis match on the other.

Could life get any better for me at this moment other than having the food I ordered in front of my face?  Ahhh, the loveliness of life.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, I’d highly suggest you take some time out for yourself to get out of the house on a glorious day and enjoy watching a sport or two or three all at once with a few tellies surrounding you—and your own personal bartender to top it off.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Nothing like having a nice and somewhat quiet bar practically sans people all to yourself while you enjoy a few matches and food.

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14 thoughts on “Two Games In One

    1. It was—but I’m a very talented individual. But I have to say I was mainly watching the soccer game more than anything.

  1. Two televisions, with completely different sporting events. LOL. That’s pretty awesome. No need to change channels during a commercial break, when you can simply shift your eyes from one screen to the next.

    1. It was pretty much more of what I had in the previous posts—onion rings, mac & cheese, chicken tenders. Yummy stuff.

  2. Well I’m not a footie (soccer) but I do enjoy the buzz it creates around me (as long as the home team is winning!) and its great to eat out to yummy food on a hot summer’s day!

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