Rockin' The Strawberry Festival

Me arriving at the Strawberry Festival
Arriving at the Strawberry Festival

Oh, my!  I had such a fabulous time at the Strawberry Festival this year!

The weather was perfection and I got to the festival right before opening time.  I mean, I just have to be the one to get first dibs on any pickins I could possibly want to buy before they all get snatched up by anyone else that dares take them!  (I’m thuggish like that.)

And I absolutely LOVE being around this gorgeous Victorian mansion.  I love, love, love all things Victorian.  So I was a bit overwhelmed, as usual, just being in the vicinity of this stunning creature in all her glory.  I love me some beauty!

Now for the fun!  There were over 100 tents selling all sorts of things.  It was just one big garage sale for all!  I lucked out and found these absolutely beautiful heavy glass ‘objets d’art’ for dirt cheap.  Score for me!  And I didn’t even have to haggle.

Amazingly, there was another tent across the way selling glass objects that did not look as nice as these and that were of a much lighter weight when I picked them up—for FOUR (4) times the price!!  Kick rocks, dude.  I don’t think so.

They couldn’t possibly have known what the competition was selling.  I got all 3 of my heavy glass beauties for LESS THAN what the other tent was selling for just ONE light-weight glass bowl the same size.  Come on now.

Next up, the EATING PART!!  My FAVORITE part of the day.  The most exciting part of any day!  What can I possibly tell you about all the delicious strawberries I saw being served every which way you could possibly want!  Naturally, when I can’t decide which food item I want to eat more than another—I tend to get one of each.  Big ups to the ladies serving them!

So, if you have nothing else to do today, find out when a festival will be in your town again and make plans to attend and buy all sorts of objects and yummy eatings.  No festival anytime soon?  Take a tour of a beautiful historic Victorian mansion and transport yourself back in time.  Aahhh.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Always window-shop and make mental notes of all 100 tents first BEFORE buying anything.  This is how you score big time for cheap.  Also, don’t be afraid to eat yourself into strawberry madness.

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  1. The strawberry festival was a big deal in the town I grew up in, but it looks like this festival outdoes it! Love the enormous garage sale.

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