Thank You From My Heart

Thank You Card

Sometimes you just want to thank the family, friends, and people in your life who have always seemed to be there for you or thought about you when you least expected it.  Thanks for giving me fabulous memories year-after-year.  You will always hold a special place in my heart.

  • AEMP—9:00am  My favorite girlfriend in the whole world.  You always make me smile and I loved your phone call bright and early.  My sweetness.
  • LOC—10:12am  A very surprising voicemail message from the person I least expected it from.
  • LFP—10:14am  Your text made me smile.  Love.
  • TRG—11:23am  Your Facebook message and text both made me cheese.  You’re like clockwork on time every time.
  • MLH—11:58am  Your phone conversations and texts with me were so cool.  And who am I to turn down a late dinner or early breakfast this week?  Free food for me!  Can’t wait.
  • NN & MN—12:07pm  Your texts are always filled with love.  Love.
  • HFP—2:41pm  Your phone call meant the world to me and you always make me laugh without even meaning to—which is why you’re so funny.  Love.
  • NXD—4:16pm  I love that you always Facebook me and think of me without fail.
  • CUR—4:38pm  My ace boon coon for all these years.  You’ve always thought about me and I love that.
  • BJ—4:58pm  Your Facebook message was awesome.
  • DH—5:30pm  Stopping by to see me with those awesome butter cakes will never get old.  And you gave me some chocolate goodness, too.  How I melted.
  • JEP—6:33pm  Your hundreds of informative texts from love never cease to amaze me.  Love.
  • TMP—7:50pm  Your text made me smile with all the little faces.  Love.
  • TRGJ—9:47pm  Your Facebook message made me smile as they always do.  I always feel your love.
  • SM—Your text was a wonderful surprise yesterday morning.  Who knew?  I’m anticipating what’s to come in the mail and so grateful already before it’s even happened.  You have been so kind to me.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, thank all the people in your life that always make you smile, laugh, or have always been there for you.  After all, there are people out there who have no one at all and are all alone in this world.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Always be grateful for what you do have because you never know when you may not have it anymore.

19 thoughts on “Thank You From My Heart

  1. “Always be grateful for what you do have because you never know when you may not have it anymore.”

    It seems we have a similar mindset. This life is such a precious thing and though it is the longest thing we have, it still remains the shortest when we depart, and our loved ones are left yearning for our presence. Your message above points out exactly what I say to others. You should never miss someone when they are gone, yet willingly took them for granted while they were near.

    Can it happen? Of course, but it is such a shame to treat something as insignificant while in your presence, but suddenly consider it priceless during its departure. It is part of human nature, but I do my very best making sure I never practice. Great post.

  2. So sweet. Appreciation is key in any type of relationship. I love to send little hand written cards. It’s not the norm in today’s instantaneous world so it seems to be appreciated more 🙂

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