Tomato-Basil Bread Pudding

Tomato-Basil Bread Pudding

I’m prepping the ingredients here to add to the baking dish for this delightful Tomato-Basil Bread Pudding.  Look at that mound of fresh cheese!  I always throw in more cheese than what any recipe would call for.  Who are we kidding?

Tomato-Basil Bread Pudding

Made with multi-grain bread, shallots, chopped garlic cloves, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, parmesan cheese, eggs, milk, salt & pepper.

This turned out to be a pretty good dish.

Recipe for—Tomato-Basil Bread Pudding

So, if you have nothing else to do today, try making this dish just because it’s so easy to do.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Always throw in extra cheese than what any recipe says to do.  You can never go wrong.

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    1. Thanks! I’m trying to start my cooking thing again as much as I can. You need to post some more cooking, too, yourself, lady!

  1. I get it. I always put on the called for 1 cup of grated cheese and it just looks so miserable. Just a bit more always turns into an extra cup, 2 cups…who’s counting? You can NEVER have too much cheese!

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