Out Of Turkey They Say

Turkey Melt Sandwich

Turkey Melt sandwich with sliced turkey, Swiss cheese, bacon, and sourdough bread.

Around 4:00pm yesterday, I phone-in a to-go/take-away order from my local hometown diner—“a turkey melt sandwich,” I say.  Well, no such luck.  They’ve been outta turkey all day!  I guess the lunch rush earlier sucked for them since they couldn’t make most of their sandwiches or salads because their turkey was missing.

Well, the no-turkey-thing threw me for a loop.  I didn’t have a backup plan and was freaking out—umm, umm, umm.  I mean, how hard is it to just order something else?  After about 10 ‘umms,’ I hurriedly tell them to just get me a tuna croissant instead.  Yeah, they had tuna.  Phew.

The guy taking my order asks if I want my ‘usual Monday bread pudding.’  (Man, they know me all too well.)  But I clearly tell him ‘NO, not this time—just the sandwich.’  (I’ve no clue why I said NO, but I did.)

When I get to the diner right after 4:00—LOW AND BEHOLD—they get lashings of turkey coming through the back door.  Yay!  The guy that took my order rushes to the front line to halt the tuna order and they make my turkey melt instead.

Bread Pudding

I pay, he packs my to-go sack—and WHY does he give me a FREE BREAD PUDDING anyway?!!  ROCK ON, DUDE!  It was already made and sitting there when I walked in the door, but I thought it was for someone else.  They just LOOOVVVE me there!!  I go there way too much.  Such are the perks of being a ‘regular’ customer—(and I’m really nice to them, too).

When I get to the car, I set everything up dining-table-style before pulling off.  I open the box with my turkey melt inside and I’m sooooo disappointed.  I hate when it doesn’t look like anything special.  I mean, just LOOK AT IT!  It wasn’t pimped out even a little like I thought it’d be.

I really could have made that puny sandwich much cheaper at home myself within 30 seconds.  BUT—the free bread pudding made up for it.  Clearly, I should have stuck with my 2nd option of the tuna croissant—which I happened to order today!  See how much better it looks?

Tuna Croissant Sandwich

Tuna Croissant—tuna salad on a croissant.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, find a favorite diner you love, order up some good food, show your face on a regular, and get to know the workers.  Call the servers by name, tell them yours, and tip well.  They’re usually more than happy to bend over backwards for you.  Always ‘get in good’ with them.  You never know what kind of perks will come out of it.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Apparently, some sandwiches you should just make at home yourself.

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7 thoughts on “Out Of Turkey They Say

  1. love it! much to be said about diners 🙂 Wanted to thank you for stopping by food for fun to sample the pink eggs. we’re sort of on the same wavelength as my last post featured a diner dessert I tried (but failed miserably) to recreate at home. Guess I’ll have to go back to the diner!

    1. You’re welcome. The eggs were unique. And sometimes even I just keep it simple for myself and go to the diner instead of cooking at home.

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