Why, Why, Why Do I Always Pick The Wrong Line?

In the Wal-Mart line
How long is this going to take?

Can you get your coupons, advertisements (ads), and whatnot together BEFORE you get into the checkout line, please?

Well, this is who I had the privilege of standing behind in the Wal-Mart line.  She wanted to discount everything she bought to match all the ads from every other store she had in her hand.  So everyone in line had to wait until she went page-by-page through each ad as each item came down the conveyor belt!

Maybe things would have gone faster if she had, hmmm I dunno, pre-marked and/or highlighted her pages and items ahead of time-–but no chance of that.  She, therefore, couldn’t remember which ad had which item in it which meant she had to go through ALL of them until she found each one of them.  And this was for almost ALL of her items—not just 1 or 2 of them.

I know times are hard, but seriously!  There was even a discussion of an item in one ad being for 99 cents, but Wal-Mart charged $1.00 for the same item!  Why are we even having this discussion?  Here—I’ll pay the extra penny for you!  I just want to keep it movin’.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, do us all a favor and get your advertisements, coupons, and whatnot all together before you even leave the house for a shopping trip.

Such is my life. No matter which line I get into, it’s always the wrong one.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Always keep a yoga mat on your person for situations such as this.  Lay it out right there in line and quickly put yourself into savasana before someone gets hurt and to keep yourself out of jail.  Namaste!!

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6 thoughts on “Why, Why, Why Do I Always Pick The Wrong Line?

  1. Does you good to have a rant doesn’t it! Enjoyed very much. Thanks for stopping by taste and light. Have you considered home delivery? 😀

    1. YES! I just HAD to get it off my chest! 😉 We don’t have home delivery that I know of around here. Thank you for stopping as well.

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