Waterfall White Fashion

In a white dress

This is an outfit I chose for an outing with a date.  I couldn’t begin to tell you where I got the dress, shoes, or bracelet, but I pulled them from my closet and thought the combo would be a fun date outfit—the all-white look.  And I’m definitely one of those people who believe you can wear any color any time of year.  If you know you’re a person that can pull anything off any time of year, then hey, you don’t have any problems.  So I don’t believe in that ‘no-white-after-Labor-Day’ nonsense.

Needless to say, the date didn’t turn out to be so fun—but it was what it was.  You only get one shot with me, sweet cheeks!

I loved the background where this picture was taken.  It’s directly in front of a hotel in a ritzy part of town that had a fabulous waterfall.  The perfect spot for a picture.  Sadly, this was the only good memory from the evening.  And, thank goodness, I got it on camera!

So, if you have nothing else to do today, try the all-white look or any look for that matter, go out and do a photo shoot in front of some beautiful scenery, and put your pics into a photo album as a keepsake.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Find people who are deserving of the time and energy it takes you to get ready for a date and will be great company.  Ugh!

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13 thoughts on “Waterfall White Fashion

  1. I love the dress and I’m one of those who likes white whatever the season. However I never wear it on a date IF the date involves dinner. Strangest thing – I have excellent table manners [thank you mum and deportment] but if I’m wearing white I can guarantee that I’ll be wearing dinner of a drink. Never seem to have a problem if wearing something else but put me in a white dress or top and spillage is going to be on the menu.

    1. Well, the best time to find them would be spring or summer I would think. I have faith you can find one no matter how exhausting it may be!

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