The White Dress & The Tornado



I just love when I can take myself shopping at the mall.  It had been a while since I’d been mall shopping so I made an entire day of it.  Not only did I need new clothes in general—but I wanted to find things to wear on my next trip overseas.

Yep, I was at the mall from mall opening until mall closing—10am-9pm (probably a man’s nightmare).  But I mean—there are so many stores there to venture inside of that it didn’t surprise me I was there that long.

One store I ventured inside of was Maurice’s where I found this cute little white dress.  I thought it was simply adorable.  It’s perfect whether I go to India for my next trip or whether I go back to the United Arab Emirates.

Mall tornado shelter

But the real fun came when there was a sudden torrential rainstorm going on outside and everyone in the mall was ushered from the stores into a tunnel-type hallway because tornado sirens were going off in the surrounding area.

No one could get a signal on their cell phones inside this narrow passageway either which was irritating.  So there was just a lot of standing around and waiting for the tornado warning to pass—while hoping an actual tornado would not hit us directly.

And although a couple of small twisters did touch down in surrounding areas, fortunately, one did not touch down directly where I was—thank goodness—or I’m sure my car would have been in the next state over when I left the mall to go home.

And since it was raining so hard when I was ready to go home, I had to wait it out so I could actually SEE to drive home because you literally could not see more than a couple of feet in front of you.  There was just no telling when the rain would die down either.

Well—more shopping for me then!

So, if you have nothing else to do today, spend an entire day from morning until evening buying yourself nice things if for no other reason than you deserve it.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Always look at the positive side when you get stuck inside a mall because of bad weather—a little more unexpected eating and shopping never hurt anybody.


50 thoughts on “The White Dress & The Tornado

  1. I like what you point out. Life is too short not to enjoy, buy something you know you like and eat something when you may be nervous about a storm. This was stretching what you said into one sentence. Your pretty white dress from Maurice’s looked beautiful. I liked your pajamas on the other post, too.

  2. All day?… Hmmm… I am glad you are not my girl friend. But then again, you look killer in that little white dress. 🙂

    I am elated you avoided disaster that day. Perhaps it was meant to be so that you could try out all that wonderful mall food. Lol

    1. I sensed a sarcastic remark in there somewhere, Koji! You could always sit and hold bags you know! 😀 And, yeah, I ate mall food. 😉

  3. Your white dress is absolutely adorable needless to say you’re looking gorgeous in it. A little more unexpected eating won’t hurt YOU alone on this planet?

    1. Well, the surrounding states usually get more tornadoes that mine does. My state gets them sometimes, too, but much further out away from me. It never hits directly in the city where I am. That’s why it was a little freaky, too.

    1. Thank you. And, yeah, I’m not a big fan of ‘dry-clean only.’ Let’s hope because I didn’t look before buying—it was too cute. 😉

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