It's Cookie Time


Well, these little darlings (or big, technically) came from Whole Foods Market yesterday.  I usually walk right past the bakery area, but yesterday I was feeling a little daring.  And since I’ve never tried their baked cookies before—I figured, eh, why not?

You just open the clear cases, take a sheet of thin paper they have there and grab your own cookies and other baked goods, put them into a sack or box, and be on your way.

So the first one, front and center, is the Cocoa Chewie Cookie—the only thing I can tell you is it’s full of the chocolatey loveliness that it looks like it is.  It lives up to its name.  Although its look and size made someone think I had a hamburger pattie on my plate with two cookies.  (Apparently, my reputation precedes me.)

Top right is your basic Chocolate Chip Cookie—there was nothing special about it.  Just a good chocolate chip cookie.

Aaannnndddd on your far left, folks, we have here what’s called the Vegan Crazy Jeff’s Cookie—yeah, he’s crazy alright whoever he is.  I didn’t make it past the first bite on that one.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, try some fresh-baked cookies at your local health food store and see how you like them.  Get up and experience different things.  It’s better than doing nothing.  Live a little!  Even if you just live to learn that Crazy Jeff will no longer be a part of your life again.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  There’s always some truth in the naming of a food product.  Read between the lines.

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    1. I was always leery of what some of their stuff would taste like. That’s probably why I waited so long to finally get certain things. Most of them are surprisingly good.

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